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Raw Honey: Our Farm



Raw Honey: Mission


Urban Hum is a small artisan beekeeping enterprise located in Newcastle, NSW. As passionate beekeepers we are committed to the health and wellbeing of our honeybees. Our bees come first. This is reflected in our management practices and ethical honey production. Working right alongside our bees we produce delicious urban honey right in the heart of the city. Each jar is unique to the suburb it’s made in with small batch production and single hive origin. So you get to taste honey from one hive at a time, one suburb at a time.

Raw Honey: Features


Just as the bees made it!

All our honey is raw. In simple terms this means it has never been heated at any stage of its processing. When honey is heated its phenomenal nutritional value is significantly reduced. That’s why we don’t do it. Honey is the only food that contains all the amino acids and nutrients essential for life so we don’t want to mess with nature’s perfect food. We only coarse filter our honey too. That means that all the goodness of the pollen the bees have collected is right there in our honey, adding to its health benefits. Raw honey will usually crystallise or candy over time. Rest assured this is a natural part of honey aging,and your honey is not off. Honey is the only food that has an infinite shelf life


Produced in Newcastle, NSW

All our honey and beeswax is produced in the Newcastle region. With hives dotted in 26 suburbs of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie we have honey from many varied locations. Each of these locations, in fact, each hive produces different tasting honey. We keep them separate to maintain the uniqueness that each place brings to the flavours, colours and textures of the honey. Because our honey is raw and coarse filtered the pollen collected by the bees goes is in the honey. There is anecdotal evidence that eating local honey is good for allergies, the pollen you are allergic to, is in the honey. Even if you don’t live in Newcastle you can experience the beauty of Hunter region honey.

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An old fashioned favourite

100% prue raw honey whipped to a creamy texture. The honey has been ‘seeded’ with a very finely textured candied honey and then whipped and refrigerated over a period of hours to distribute the fine crystals of the candied honey creating a fluffy, smooth textured honey that is simply delicious. Because all our honey is raw it naturally candies over time. How the honey candies depends on its water content. Honey with a very low water content becomes very smooth and may appear to be creamed, it may even have a similar natural texture.


Ethical Honey Production

Here at Urban Hum we love bees and our bees come first. Yes, we do sell honey, but the welfare and health of our bees is our top priority. The amount of honey that bees collect can vary from year to year. To ensure that they always have enough we leave a full box of honey on every one of our beehives all year round, always. We do this so we don't have to feed our bees, they were made to eat honey so that's what they eat! Sometimes there is some for us and sometimes there isn’t, we only ever take what is produced in excess of the colonies requirements.

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Taste the difference

Raw Honey: Features

100% PURE

No Additives
Chemical Free Beekeeping

100% RAW

Coarse Filtered

100% LOCAL

Low Food Miles
Urban Food Production

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I have purchased Urban Hum twice now, first time I got the Merewether honey and the second time I got the Kotara honey, and I swear by them!

Megan Reibel 2017

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Newcastle Beekeeping Workshop
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Buy local in Newcastle, NSW Australia

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