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Honey & beeswax produced in the heart of Newcastle

Urban Hum is a small artisan beekeeping enterprise located in Newcastle, NSW. As passionate beekeepers we are committed to the health and well-being of our honeybees. Our bees come first. This is reflected in our management practices and ethical honey production. Working alongside our bees, we produce delicious urban honey in the heart of the city. Each jar is unique to the suburb it’s made in, with small batch production and single hive origin. So you get to taste honey from one hive at a time, one suburb at a time.

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We are dedicated to environmental and socially responsible products.

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We love what we do we hope you do too.

Our beekeeping journey began with poor pollination in our suburban backyard. Zucchini plants in our veggie garden flowered beautifully, yet no Zucchinis grew!  So we took ourselves off to a beekeeping course and got our first hive of bees. One hive quickly led to two. And two hives led to a full-blown passion with these majestic insects and finally to Urban Hum. We now have 110 hives dotted all over the city.

We sell our honey at local Newcastle markets as well as hosting fun and informative beekeeping workshops. Check out our events calendar and come visit us.

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Beeswax is a natural by-product of honey production and we hate to waste one drop of the hard work our bees put in. Our beeswax range of products is
all natural, and takes advantage of this amazing ingredient as a base.