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Nucleus Colony

A nucleus colony is perfect for getting your beehive started. They come with a mixture of young developing bees, older foragers, a laying queen, pollen stores and honey. They are made to be transferred straight away into your empty hive with room to begin expanding for spring and summer. They are suitable for traditional Langstroth hives and Flow hives.

These 5 Frame colonies with a newly mated laying queen $200 with an additional $50 deposit for the timber nucleus box which you will get back when you return the nuc box after transferring the bees to your own hive. If you have not yet painted or oiled your new hive make sure you do it soon so it has time to gas out.

The colonies will be available at the end of September/Early October once I have ensured that the queens are mated and laying well.

Before I can sell you a hive you need to register as a beekeeper with the Department of Primary Industries, it’s just a quick form online, pay your money and you are issued with a Hive ID number and a licence number. Here is the link’s-licence

We are happy to sell to beginner beekeepers as long as you have joined a club, have a beekeeping mentor or attended a beekeeping workshop. Bees need specialized care and pest management you do need to know these basics before getting bees.

Cost: $200 on Pick-Up

+$50 Deposit (refunded on return of box and five new wired and waxed frames) 

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