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A nucleus colony is perfect for getting your beehive started. They come with a mixture of young developing bees, older foragers, a laying queen, pollen stores and honey. They are made to be transferred straight away in to your empty hive with room to begin expanding for spring and summer. They are suitable for traditional Langstroth hives and Flow hives.


Nucleus Colony Deposit

SKU: Bee3
  • All our nucleus colonies are made by splitting our strongest hives to create a new colony. We let our new hives raise virgin queens and mate naturally. Before you get them we check that the new queen is well mated and laying for at least two weeks. The nucs consist of 4 frames of brood (larvae and eggs) and 1 frame of honey and a mated laying queen.

    Our Nucs come in 5 frame wooden nucleus boxes. A deposit of $65 is payable upfront to secure your colony which is returned to you when you bring back the empty hive. The nucleus colonies are $200 payable on pick up. Nucs are only available in spring and early summer.


    $65 upfront deposit to secure your nuc

    $200 payable on pick up of nuc


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